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"Gameplay is just pure addictive fun."

- Teachers With Apps

"SEMBL is a beautiful game that is almost meditative in nature."

- Geeks With Juniors

"...with pleasing music, a lovely design, a unique concept, and the right amount of challenge, Sembl is hard to put down."

- AppAdvice

"A math game you won’t want to share with your children!"

- Tech Tools 4 Mom

"This is a great way for your children to practice and hone their math skills. It is challenging per your child’s skill level and provides an energetic and light-hearted learning environment. You cannot help but love hearing the sounds of the Snortles and will do your best to save them all."

- App Advice

"The adaptive game engine allows players to be challenged according to their skill level, and extends the app’s replay value. Grown-ups can also enjoy the game. In fact, I dare you to try and get three stars on all levels. You’ll see that it’s not that easy!"

- Geeks With Juniors

"Addicting – in a good educational way.”

- Jackie Bryla of a.c.t - Apps, Consulting & Training

"What's nice about the game is the difficulty level adjusted to my kiddo's learning skills as he progressed, recognizing that he quickly moved through the easier levels. This meant he was never bored and the game continued to present increasingly challenging problems to keep him playing and learning."

- ipadkids.com

"It is not merely drilling math facts, integration is ensured through play and lateral thinking. You see it’s all about saving the Snortles, and the play automaticity brings in learning."

- Teachers With Apps

"Jump! makes drilling math sequences fun. The app allows for an unlimited number of players, making it easy to use in a classroom."

- Tech With Kids

"For any child starting out with sequences and times-tables, this is great fun – and it will adapt to your child’s level as they play, stretching their skills when necessary."

- Apps Playground

"This game is fun, fun, fun! It had me on the edge of my seat counting by 2s, 3, 4, 5, with several in-between – on up to 12."

- App Treasure Hunter

"The game is fun and, well, addictive as you play, trying do your best to be the hero of the story."

- The Wonder of Tech

"Adaptive and fun, this math game helps kids practice skip counting and basic addition as they lead Snortles to safety."

- Common Sense Media

"A fun and addicting math game that encourages kids to practice their math skills in a fun and interactive way."

- The iMums

"Kids are so excited about saving the Snortles that they don't realize they're building core addition and multiplication skills along the way."

- Common Sense Graphite

"One of the best math apps for kids (or best maths apps for kids if you're British like us!) we've used in 2016."

- Apps Playground

"Artgig Apps have always produced the highest quality apps that engage through cleverly designed gameplay, and Mystery Word Town does not disappoint. It’s a mix of western style fun and silliness, but also has serious educational chops."

- Teachers With Apps

"With its blend of clever gameplay and witty narrative, kids are sure to have a blast wrangling any outlaws and spelling challenges that come their way. If your kids loved any of the previous Mystery Town apps, they are sure to love Mystery Word Town."

- Geeks With Juniors

"It is one of those great games where the kids are enjoying so much that they forget the words and spelling and they play level after level"

- Four Little Testers

"I have a 7 y.o. handy who has had a great time putting the app through its paces. He liked it so much, I had difficulty extracting him from the game long enough to give me an opinion."

- On Sarah's iPad

"Mystery Word Town doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fun game that teaches children how to recognize a lot of everyday words."

- The Gamer With Kids

“Not only does Mystery Word Town help your child with their spelling, it will build their critical thinking skills by having to choose which letters to use, when to use them, which direction to go and which letters to pick up as they go further into the game.”

- Tech Tools 4 Mom

"If it taught nothing and were merely a Western-Style treasure hunt, it would be worth the price of admission. But when you add the learning features and the degree of customization, you have a first class edutainment product that holds appeal to kids across a large age span."

- AppoLearning

"We are still playing Mystery Word Town, which is an indication (at least in my house!) that it’s a solid, well-executed app that engages and challenges young learners."

- iPad Kids

"My little girl played this game and could not put it down. She loved exploring the buildings and meeting all the crazy characters in town."

- The iMums

"Drive About: Number Neighborhood takes kids on a fun learning journey. Interactive games and super-cute graphics engage, and kids can develop important math skills through gameplay."

- Common Sense Media

"This app with its quirky scenes, coupled with some of the most darling characters, is so well done.  Drive about: Number Neighborhood is bound to be added to the list of favorite apps by teachers, parents and children."

- Teachers With Apps

"We really found this little digital world and it's games a delight to play in."

- Four Little Testers

"A playful and smart way to make math fun!"

- Children's Education and Entertainment Research (CHEER) Lab

"Drive About: Number Neighborhood is a brilliant concept to engage preschoolers through kindergarteners in plenty of exploratory learning, incorporating math readiness skills, in a super friendly format!"

- Teachers With Apps

"A unique and much loved interface, and crammed full of math mini-games for all ages."

- Four Little Testers

"Each environment is filled with delightful activities focusing on building a strong foundation in math awareness. The kids we worked with were mesmerized; all of them played Drive About: Number Neighborhood for extended lengths of time."

- Teachers With Apps

"Drive About: Number Neighborhood by artgigapps is a spectacular math excursion that is sure to develop strong foundational math skills for preschoolers and kinders, as well as for special needs students that may struggle with these concepts."

- Apps Consulting Training

"Not only will your child develop number sense skills but also problem solving and critical thinking! The concept for students to get from game to game is absolute genius and the sound effects are hilarious!"

- Tech With Jen

"Drive About: Number Neighborhood has earned itself a place as one of my princess’ current iPad faves. With the colorful characters and fun situations, she hardly even realizes she is learning."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"Artgig Apps wins the checkered flag for their new app, Drive About Number Neighborhood."

- Tech Tools 4 Mom

"Drive About Number Neighborhood is an app that will remain on our devices until all my children outgrow it."

- Tech Tools 4 Mom

"The developer, artgigapps, has created another outstanding educational and fun app. This is one not to be missed! Spectacular learning and user engagement, excellent graphics,  clear and crisp audio make this one a top pick."

- Apps Consulting Training

"This app will enchant young children while teaching them at the same time."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"Drive Around: Number Neighborhood is a fresh approach to learning about numbers. The colorful mini games effectively entertain kids while while reinforcing math skills."

- Geeks With Juniors

"From submarines and hot air balloons to pogo-sticking cows and snowboarding yaks, Drive About: Number Neighborhood places young learners in a vivid world that provides lots of choices and interaction for practicing early math skills."

- Sam Blanco

 "The perfect "back to school" app for any preschooler headed for Kindergarten."

- Children's Technology Review

"Half the fun is just driving, flying, and sailing around town to find mini-games to play."

- AppAdvice.com

"Marble Math Multiplication is perfect for the home or classroom. It offers all the great gameplay of Marble Math and Marble Math Junior and the flexibility to customize times tables for specific practice."

- Kindertown

"Marble Math, Marble Math Jr.,  and Marble Math Lite: Multiplication are three outstanding apps and top picks as educational apps."

- Fun Educational Apps

"This is a super-fun way for a child to practise their math facts."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"If you are looking for a fun multiplication app for your kids, be sure to check out Marble Math Lite: Multiplication!"

- The iPhone Mom

"The Alien Buddies App is an adorable iOS game platform for young children to learn about colors, shapes, letters and numbers."

- 2012 Parents' Choice Award Winner

"For an out of this world experience, you should try Alien Buddies. I bet your kids will have fun playing and have no idea they are learning."

- Alison, The iMum

"Alien Buddies is a solid educational app that reinforces several of the common core math academic standards for Kindergarten in the areas of counting and cardinality and geometry."

- Melanie, Intervention Specialist

"There are many flexible options and levels built into Alien Buddies that make it a great app choice for a wide range of abilities."

- Jennifer, Apps For Homeschooling

"We love the detail that went into the animation of these little aliens... This brought more than a few chuckles from the little ones we worked with."

- teacherswithapps.com

"This app has great graphics that compel young learners to explore."

- I Education Apps Review

"Perfect for building learning, extending learning, and reinforcing learning, Alien Buddies offers up a virtual world of learning for little ones."

- Hillary, AppTudes

"Since playing the game my son has gotten a lot better with tracing straight lines with his fingers. He’s also getting a lot better at color matching. What he’s not so great at is giving me my iPhone back. Hmmmmm…"

- Emily, Colorado Moms

"If you have children who are learning, or need to work on, their shapes, colors, numbers and letters, this app is a must-have."

- Best Apps For Kids

"Good music, high educational value and an exceptional interface make this an excellent application."

- Famingo

"My students and I were very impressed with this app and they requested it all week!!"

- Speech Language Neighborhood

"Alien Buddies is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps for early learners. The games are fun, colorful, engaging, and smart."

- Wired Educator

"Alien Buddies is an app that stands out from the crowd and will make learning fun for your kids."

- smatoos.com

"My son absolutely loves it. He plays with it every day and he finds it on the iPad himself. He goes straight for it."

- Glendalee, Mom and Beta Tester

"While it has very sophisticated sections, my son has loved it for its fun value and pictures since he was 18 months old."

- New York Times (Kit Eaton)

"Marble Math Junior is one of the most fun, customizable, and effective math games available for early elementary school-age kids."

- Common Sense Media

"Marble Math Junior is the app you need to get your child excited about math. The gameplay is really fun. Use the app for a brain break during homework time or for passing around the family."

- TimetoPlayMag.com

"My children have been so enthralled with the rolling marbles and silly obstacles, I’m not sure they knew they were doing math."

- Apps With Emily

"Marble Math Junior is an exceptionally fun way to practice math."

- Graphite.org

"So absorbing that kids easily forget they're practicing math skills like shape recognition, addition, and subtraction."

- Graphite.org

"Truly fun and engaging and perfect for parents or teachers who are looking for apps for children who need to work on elementary math skills."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"It really is a terrific app because it targets so many different skills in a way that's both accessible and fun and its replay value is fantastic."

- Smart Apps For Kids


"This app would be a great addition to your app collections to support your child or student’s math skills."

- Teaching With Technology

"Marble Math Junior is a very fun and effective way to practice math skills."

- Parents' Choice

"One of the most engaging, educational math apps we have played to date."

- KinderTown

"Marble Math is an extremely well developed and thoughtful app for elementary-aged children."

- Homeschooling Autism

"Marble Math is an excellent example of how to merge quality game design with significant educational value."

- KinderTown

"Great for kids with special needs, who require a tremendous amount of positive reinforcement and sensory stimulation to keep their active and advanced minds engaged."

- Homeschooling Autism

"Marble Math combines math, mazes, and many hours of engaging activities. It would be a great addition to your app collection."

- Teaching with Technology 2.0

"It's a cool game idea and executed well, with a lot of different kinds of mental math included."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"The Famigo Family absolutely loves Marble Math."

- Famigo

"Marble Math is incorporating just what the Common Core Curriculum is asking for and doing a superb job of it!"

- Teachers With Apps

"This would be a great app to practice math skills on a road trip, summer vacation, family competitions and more."

- The iMums

"...a brilliant way to reinforce core math concepts"

- Teachers With Apps

"This app is great for children who are learning math concepts and want to reinforce them in a game play method that is educational."

- The iMums

"Marble Math and Marble Math Junior are tackling math for elementary schoolers and they’re doing it very well!"

- The iPhone Mom

"This really is meaningful play, but it wouldn’t be worth much if it wasn’t a lot of fun (which it is)."

- Media Darlings

"This game convinced his mother to buy him an ipad!"

- 4 Little Monkeys

"It requires both game skill to be able to roll the marble and math skill to understand and come up with the solution of where to roll it."

- Wired.com

Featured Best Travel App

- The Washington Post

"Artgig Studio‘s Marble Math apps for iOS are so good they score two spots on my list: one for Marble Math and one for Marble Math Junior."

- Geek Mom (wired.com)

"Fantastic app for reinforcing core math concepts with fine motor and visual tracking benefits thrown in."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"It really is a terrific app, and definitely worthy of top pick status because it targets so many different skills in a way that's both accessible and fun and its replay value is fantastic."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"Marble Math provides an excellent combination of problem solving and thinking skills development."

- Common Sense Media

"Lots of customization options and new, unique marble rewards make this game effective, sticky, and tons of fun."

- Common Sense Media

"Addicting, yet educational, Marble Math is an entertaining app for 9 to 12 year-olds to practice their math skills."

- Best Apps For Kids

"Artgig Apps have done it again, 'maths made fun' - but this time it's an adventure."

- #fourlittletesters loved it & rated it 5/5 !!

"The choose-your-own-adventure style play makes this a favorite with my students, and I can think of no better way to recommend this one!"

- Fun Educational Apps

"Mystery Math Town uses a unique approach of solving math problems, that brilliantly reinforces mathematical critical thinking skills, while providing an engaging mystery game for kids to enjoy. Well done!"

- Apps4Moms

"Be afraid, very afraid of how much joy your child will experience while learning basic math skills with this friendly, ghost led adventure Mystery Math Town."

- Kids Best iPad Apps

"It's part math drills, part seek and find game and totally engaging. Kids ages five and up should find this both fun and challenging. Parents should rejoice that finally there is a way to get kids to want to do more math."

- Smart Apps for Kids

"Mystery Math Town, by Artgig Studio, is a great new app that draws kids into the mystery of math. It calls for real thinking and problem solving ability, which often takes a backseat to learning basic math skills."

- Teachers With Apps

"This game was so fun, my 9-year-old son chose to play Mystery Math Museum over some of his other favorite game apps (including Minecraft!) on a day when he didn’t have to choose something educational."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"Mystery Math Museum may be here just in time for Halloween, but we think you are going to be playing this epic math app all year long!"

- Teachers With Apps

"The developers have included nearly everything I find essential in a high-quality app."

- Smart Apps For Kids

"Mystery Math Museum is a top notch app for developing mathematical skills that children will absolutely enjoy. I highly recommend it!"

- The iMums

""Mystery Math Museum is definitely more than just your typical math app." "

- Geeks With Juniors

"If you have children who are just learning math or need to brush up on their math skills, I highly suggest Mystery Math Museum. I know my kids really enjoyed it and I’m thinking yours will too."

- The Gamer With Kids

"The gameplay is simple to understand, a lot of fun, and gives children many opportunities to sharpen their math skills."

- The iMums

"This is an excellent follow up to one of my favorite iOS Math apps for Game Based Learning."

- Technology Tidbits

"This app is just quirky enough to get your attention and just delightful enough to keep it! Like any other institution with engaging exhibits, I will have to drag my kids out of Mystery Math Museum! It is well worth the price of admission!"

- The iPod Teacher

"What I particularly like is how Mystery Math Museum really supports your child in practicing their Math in the specific areas that they need support with and having lots of fun, while expanding their knowledge in other areas of learning."

- The Appy Ladies

"There is a lot of content in Mystery Math Museum, and it is very entertaining for kids! I highly recommend this app."

- AppyMall

"The graphics and animation in Mystery Math Museum pop off the screen, and kids love choosing their own avatar and searching through the buildings with the friendly ghost."

- AppyMall

"Mystery Math Museum is an incredibly entertaining and challenging educational app that will have kids begging to practice their math skills using this app."

- Best Apps For Kids

"When it comes to quality Mystery Math Museum has really gone above and beyond the call of duty."

- Best Apps For Kids

"Mystery Math Museum poses challenging math exercises in a fun, engaging way."

- Common Sense Media

"One of the best features is that parents can customize the math covered in the game to select which operations and ranges of numbers will be covered."

- Common Sense Media