Our Holiday Card (Merry Micro-donations!)

Tue, Dec. 22 2015

Ah...the annual Artgig Holiday Card.

It’s as much a tradition in these parts as roasting chestnuts or chugging eggnog until your tummy aches. We’ve been hand crafting our holiday message to share with friends, clients and family since 2005. My personal favorite in recent years was the Holiday Greeting Generator which lets you make your own card for that special casual acquaintance or emotional vampire on your list. But we may have topped it this year...

This year we decided to use our game-making powers to help a good cause. We made a trivia game, and for each correct answer we pledged a donation of 10 cents to Doctors Without Borders until we reached our goal of $200. We started with an open source database of questions but quickly realized the content would require a more personal touch to make you want to play. I mean everyone loves an obscure aviation question now and then, but you need to balance that with a nugget of Minecraft knowledge.

We emailed the card to our our list on Friday, fully expecting that we’d still be playing this week, but we got such a great response that we reached our goal in just a matter of hours. I have to say, it was pretty exciting to watch the total earned dollars climb so quickly.

You can still play the game:

Artgig Trivia Challenge

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

See you in 2016.