The App Video Teaser (Drive About: Number Neighborhood)

Tue, May. 20 2014

We're getting very close to launching our new kids app, Drive About: Number Neighborhood, and I'm pleased to share the app video teaser with you.

The app video is a key piece in your marketing plan and should be prominently displayed on your website - especially if you're developing paid apps for Apple's App Store. Currently, there is no way for users to preview your app in the App Store so the video becomes the only way to give potential users a look at your app in action. If you're publishing to Amazon and Google Play, you can include your video right in the app listing (just make sure you're not flashing iPhones and iPads in the video).

We've created teaser videos for each of our apps and made them available on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

There are lots of tools available for making the app video. We typically use Reflector for app screen capture and we use Flash for compositing because it fits our workflow. 

We almost used an outside production service for the Drive About video because we've been so busy working on the app, but fortunately the stars aligned and this video came together really quickly over a weekend.

We like to use the app music to drive the picture (no pun intended) and we key off the natural hit points for emphasis, and I think this is especially effective in our Drive About video in a sequence about midway through at 0:40 where we swap the backgrounds to show the "world."

But the best advice I can give you is to plan ahead and use the tools and strategy that get the job done.

If we did our job, the video should leave you wanting more.

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Stay tuned for Drive About: Number Neighborhood!