Chris Tarry - Taking Over the Universe!

Thu, Apr. 23 2009

Our favorite whirlwind of creative expression, Chris Tarry, has gone and done it again.That's right, another website update.

You'll notice the Home page now defaults to News and he's added a blog to keep the fans current with whatever spills out onto the page. The blog is a WordPress deal we installed on his server and he's basically doing the rest. You can get to it from his site via the blog call-out at the top of the page, or you can hit it directly:

Chris Tarry's Blog of Wondrous Nothings

I imagine Chris is the kind of guy who wakes suddenly in the middle of the night and fumbles about in the dark as he searches for a pad and pen to jot down his latest bit of inspiration.

Before I was a business owner (and married, and a dad...), I spent a considerable chunk of my life writing like a madman so I know the territory.

It's good to be mad.