Ahead of the Curve...

Tue, Jul. 22 2008

Well, I finally got my iPhone, thanks to my lovely wife who surprised me last week.

And I saw "The Dark Night" yesterday at an Imax theater.

I think I'm all caught-up with the rest of the world for a brief moment.

"The Dark Knight" is an awesome film and Imax is the way to go.

It's not without its flaws and it stops short of transcending the genre but it's easily a best of breed winner.

Forget Jack, Heath is the Joker.

But let's not get carried away - as good as Heath is, he's not Jack in "The Shining."

The iPhone has made me forget why I was bitching about Apple - it's really a work of art.

Of course my wife's first generation iPhone is having problems since the software update but that's another story.

Apple scrubbing the bowl today...

APPL - 152.88