From the Trenches: Apple vs Flash Part 1

Tue, May. 18 2010

Tuesday, May 18th 1539 hours

It's true what they say, war really is hell.I'm torn in this battle, like the kid in a divorce.I grew up using Apple and Adobe products.Once upon a time, before Adobe acquired Macromedia and a little web animation program called Flash, Apple and Adobe were like peanut butter and jelly for creatives–they just went together.No more.I love Apple, but make no mistake, Steve Jobs wants to control the web the same way he controls his products, because that's how he controls the user experience and that's how Apple makes money.Adobe is no better, they've been charging ridiculous amounts of money for their software and forcing paid upgrades every year or so with seemingly little regard for their loyal customers.Why? Because they can.A quick check of the Adobe website, has the Creative Suite 5 Web Premium going for almost $2,000.That's 2,000 bucks to get started with what is considered the essential, industry-standard software suite.Instead of bickering, Adobe should step back and take a hard look at themselves and admit they've been riding the gravy train for too long.They should seize this moment as an opportunity to improve their products, lower prices, connect with their customers and take advantage of their market position.Everyone already has Flash.It's much tougher to get people to change.Make better, cheaper products and treat your customers with respect.We'll all be happier in the end.Or keep digging in your heels and wait for someone else to step in and do it.