Thu, May. 15 2008

I was at a networking breakfast (two words that should never go together) for Westchester business owners earlier this week, and met Marisa Birnbaum, the sister of a brother and sister team, who have a unique business concept - immediate dental crowns from Now! Smile Design.

That's right, no more waiting around for your new pearly whites to arrive and no loose-fitting teeth from a lab in China that leak lead into your body (a true story, I'm told).

Why am I suddenly talking about teeth, you ask?

Because I admire the grass-roots start-up mentality of a couple of young and really smart siblings who saw a niche to fill and decided to go out and get the necessary equipment, put it in a van, and learn what they didn't know - Poof! Instant business.

Good stuff - I wish them well.Tell your dentist...

Jen Chapin Website Update

Thu, May. 15 2008

Jen contacted us recently with thoughts on a redesign of the website we created for the release of her last album, "Ready."She's got a new album, "Light of Mine," and she's thinking she needs to change things up and add a store so her fans can purchase right from the site.

I'm a big fan of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought, and we (Jen included) get a lot of compliments on the look of the site, so we decide to keep the look and instead concentrate on building the store.

Planning to have the store up & running by early June.

Jen has already added the new album and music samples to the site using the CMS.

Check it out!

Interactive Moments...

Mon, May. 5 2008

“Interactive moments” – it’s not a soap opera, but the latest CMEpilot promotion aimed at stirring the creative pot to get educators thinking about how they can use interactivity, like games, to engage learners.

We created “Bug Assassin,” a simple shooter game, where users must rely on their lightning quick reflexes to zap the moving germs as they pass through a target. As the user progresses, the level of play becomes increasingly difficult, some might say ridiculously so, but it’s all in the spirit of good fun and learning.

Simple games, like Bug Assassin, incorporated into educational activities underlines key concepts, reinforces learning and keeps your audience interested. The content is entirely up to you – leave it to us to make it fun.

Play Bug Assassin