Wed, Apr. 9 2008

The site is live and the store is open for business - check it out here.

We ran into a snag with the e-commerce due to a bug in Nova's code but luckily, they found a work-around so everyone is happy.Another cool Canadian, Simon Fisk has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, including some live streaming events on the horizon so keep an eye out.We'll wrap in a few days, once we get him his custom MySpace and FaceBook plugins so he can feed right from his site.

Can always count on Simon for a choice quote:

"Once again Artgig rules the website world! And I am not buttering you guys up, you are truly a godsend to the world of websites and ecommerce!"

Chris Tarry Group Wins Juno Award!

Wed, Apr. 9 2008

Some good news, our friend Chris Tarry won a Juno for Almost Certainly Dreaming - Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year! The Juno is the Canadian Grammy and a big honor. I'm sure his website was the deciding factor. Chris is one of the good guys - not too many I can think of who are nicer to work with & we dig his music too - Congrats!

Artgig - The Black Album

Thu, Apr. 3 2008

Artgig Website Update

With all the music biz we've been doing lately, I've got it on my mind, so we're calling the latest website update the Black Album.

First, you'll notice we've given it a fresh coat of paint - black.

Then you'll notice other goodies have changed:

  • Everything seems a little bigger
  • All new product images and categories to show off our diverse body of work in custom websites, e-learning, games and interactive stuff
  • Two primary navigation categories added:
    1. Capabilities - so you can browse by project type
    2. Portfolio - so you can check out individual projects, by client

Go ahead, take it for a spin and let us know what you think.