Another Satisfied Customer...

Mon, Mar. 17 2008

Working on a new website for Plunge Records - should be live in a few weeks or so... Musician/Owner Simon Fisk just had a look at his custom CMS and had this to say: "I finally checked out all the admin stuff, it is, pardon my french, Fuckin awesome!! It's fantastically simple and user friendly. I thank the universe that I found you guys! Thank you!"

Your french is fine. Thanks, Simon

Ethical Treatment of Websites

Fri, Mar. 14 2008

I answer the phone. The voice on the other end says "I need a website but I'm not sure who I'm going to offend..." "Try me," I say. "It's porn" he says, then quickly laughs "No, I'm just kidding...I'm a hunter." And there it is - in over six years as Artgig Studio, it's the first website I have to turn down because someone has finally crossed our moral/ethical line. I imagine what pictures he'll want to showcase in the design... Simply cannot do it. I'm off-balance but he gives me an easy out. "I need something quick." I explain that we're a custom interactive shop & we're booked solid for the next four to six weeks - this is entirely true. He tells me we were recommended and goes on to say he's been looking around and he really likes our stuff. He sounds disappointed when I don't budge. We end the call with him looking for a short-term quick fix in the hopes that our schedule might open up down the road. I hang-up the phone. I call him back. "Look, I don't think we can do this job for you" I say, "and I just want to be clear why..." He says he appreciates my honesty. So, if you're a hunter, sorry, out-of-luck. Porn is another story...


Wed, Mar. 12 2008

I'm going to Iceland.The only question is when?Ever since I read the Iceland chapter in The Geography of Bliss, I've been thinking about it.Steve, Artgig's Chief Programmer and resident photographer/drummer, sent me this link to photographer, Josef Hoflehner.Beautiful images.