Dave Binney in Portugal...

Thu, Apr. 17 2008

In Portugal tonight and tomorrow, then jets back to New York for a couple of nights at the 55 Bar, then back to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Amsterdam and Norway...

I've always wondered if there's a way to parlay our relationships with musicians into a gig where we get to take the show on the road.

Dave paved the way for all of the musician websites we're doing today. Hope you're enjoying yourself as we slave away...


Bad Mother...board

Mon, Apr. 14 2008

So the motherboard is shot in my G5.

It's been over a month after my computer troubles started and my worst initial fears are finally confirmed.

It only took me one trip to the Apple store, two trips to Computer Super Center, my own trouble-shooting efforts, my wife's trouble-shooting efforts, some phone calls, $170 in labor and a $60 restocking fee for the new video card (useless now) to get the bad news.

Between me & Lis that's two five-year-old G5's we've lost recently.

AAPL - 147.78

Tough Guy

Thu, Apr. 10 2008

This is the face of a real tough hombre.We like real tough hombres.Great Tommy Lee Jones interview here.

Thanks to one of my longtime favorites, Jeffery Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere for calling attention to the piece.